Hearing Aid

So Hearing Aid is finally taking shape.

Hearing Aid is a charity event created by Livewire 1350 at UEA in Norwich.  Last year they raised over £2,500.  However they wanted to make it bigger.  At November’s Student Radio Awards they spoke to several university radio stations (including BurnFM.com) about having events at different universities at the same time. 

The main issue has always been doing a live broadcast from somewhere that isn’t the broadcast studio.  The obvious method has always been to use the Internet to stream back to our studio.  However the catch has aleays been finding a suitable Internet access point to connect to.

Four  hours of meetings and discussions earlier today have brought us some good news. 

Our current IT department has been really helpful with our problems and Hearing Aid has proved to be no exception.  We’re now at the point where we will be using a wireless router to stream from a laptop in Joes to the bar where our router will sit.  This provides the all-important Internet connection – so expect us to doing a proper outside broadcast!

However if that’s the easy part, getting the stream to sound good is the major difficulty.  Managing two computers at the same time has the potential to cause problems but should work (one being used to play music and jingles, the other for the stream).  The main problem is getting the live bands to sound good and having long enough cables for the microphones so we can do all the charity events we have planned.

This is where our Technical department comes in.  They’ll be providing us with a high quality feed for the live music and making the necessary cables to make it work (unfortunately for a price).  

However having enough energy to last twelve hours could well be the biggest problem!

This is something we have never tried before and is certainly one of the biggest events of it’s kind.  Nine student stations (down from the original fourteen) are invloved and the majority are having live bands as the big event.  In terms of scale the BurnFM.com event may well be one of the biggest in terms of the number of mini-events and the amount of air-time being devoted to the event.  I’m unaware of the general plans for the other stations but having the ability to broadcast the bands live is something quite special.

So when does it take place?  The Birmingham event is on Monday 5th March 2007.  Only five days away!

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