I'm unhappy right now…

So it’s only taken seven weeks but I’ve finally got my computer back and in business…

 …well sort of.  It turns out that the hard disk was formatted by the company that supplied it, even though it was working properly.  At least I’ve got all of the 60GB of data I had in saved in the my documents folder.  But the other 15GB is gone, apparently because I’m “not supposed to save data to other parts of the hard disk.”

Which is ridiculous.  It’s taken long enough (and a threat of legal action) to get my computer back (when technically after 4 weeks they were breaking the law).  I’m now in the position whereby I’ve lost some very important files for good.

In case that isn’t good enough the computer was given to me indirectly by Birmingham University (as I have dyspraxia – a variation of dyslexia).

One typed out rant later led to a 1,180 word email which has now been sent – I’d like to think that Birmingham University would be interested to know the full details about the problems I’ve had!

On a more positive note Hearing Aid went well… I’ll do a proper post about it soon (with pictures).

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