Flooding and Jemery Vine

A random return to the blogosphere but having finally got my desktop to connect to my parent’s wireless, time for some more ramblings.

So the Gloucestershire floods; no doubt you’ve seen them on the news but it’s surprising just how bad they are.  They say seeing is believing…

As the job hunting has been unsuccessful I’ve been helping dad move TVs around Gloucester and South Wales (he runs a business that repairs electrical equipment).  So I went to Cheltenham on Wednesday to help return some TVs (which are surprisingly heavy, so think about that when you next buy a big TV over 30″).  We returned to Newport via Gloucester…

Needless to say there are big problems there.  The floods were easily up to 8 feet high in places.  But what isn’t obvious from the news reports is the smell; it’s shocking just how bad it is.  Sewage and flood water really shouldn’t be allowed to mix.

By this point you’re probably wondering where Jeremy Vine comes into it; simply because we had him on the radio while driving.

His show is hilarious, surprising for a news-orientated show but someone has swallowed the ironic dictionary.  Having spent the 1st 30 minutes talking about the floods (which included an interview with someone about the psychological problems people may have to his obvious amusement), out came KT Tunstall and Hold On…..

However there are problems that haven’t been widely reported; Stroud wasn’t affected by the floods but the water treatment plant that flooded supplies water to the town.  Needless to say they weren’t told that their water would be switched off and thought that they wouldn’t be affected until the water was turned off…

So there are obviously big communication problems, even with Seven Sound advertising themselves as “you’re number 1 station for flood news” and having updates every 10 minutes.  Something tells me that I may finally have a suitable topic for my final year topic….

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