Bye Bye desktop (and good riddance)

I was hoping it would last a bit longer (6 months, to be exact) but the main hard disk in my desktop computer has died.

While I’ve still got all the important stuff (music, photos etc) the computer is as good as dead, thanks to Windows being on the dead disk.  I’ve got my laptop so it’s not as bad it it could have been (like it was 12 months ago!) but a 2nd computer has been really helpful.

Am I disappointed? Yes, but for the last year it has been so unreliable (this being the fourth major failure with the computer), I’m not really surprised.

So I’ll take the opportunity to plug my other blog; I’ve been planning on replacing my desktop anyway this summer, so I’m now considering on getting a replacement sorted out sooner.  But I’m not planning on buying one: I’m planning on BUILDING one.

I’ve had a project blog on the Custom PC website running for about 5 months, where I’ve gone into the bits I’m thinking of getting…. check it out here.

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