Snobby Snobs and fashionista Birmingham

How things have changed in the 2nd city…. either that or I’m feeling old.

I went to Snobs nightclub three weeks ago for the 1st time in nearly a year and it’s been 2 since I went there regularly… and I’m shocked at how it’s changed.  Not aesthetically; the only new additions are neon ceiling lights.  And although the prices have gone up by 30% (for vodka mixers) it’s still very cheap (£1.30 each on a Wednesday).

What’s changed is the people, and to an extent, the music.  Tracks by Justice and Hot Chip are just as popular as the more typical indie rock that Snobs usually plays.  And while both artists are good, it’s dance music being played on an indie music night; it just doesn’t work unless you’re part of the Skins generation.

As for the people…. when I started uni, it was very much an ALTERNATIVE student night.  The people who went there would never be seen in the clubs on Broad Street.

Snobs was an alternative student night.  It’s now just a student night.  Which is rather bad news.  The people who go there are like the name of the club, along with just being there to make a statement.  And I’ve probably been put off returning anytime soon.

Which brings me onto the city of Birmingham; there are times I wonder whether Birmingham students (and locals) think they live in London.  It’s something that was pointed out by my brother, and is just so true about the second city; some certainly dress ridiulously.  I’m not one for following the latest trends (and never will be), but seriously, since when does pale green and flourescent purple go together?  How about turquoise & silver?  I’ve seen those colour combinations many times now and it doesn’t look any better.

Perhaps being brought up in Wales skews my views, but if those combinations are what is currently called fashion, I, for one, certainly won’t be seen anywhere near the high-street anytime soon….

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