I’m Ian. A 30 something from Newport in South Wales.

I’m a licenced skydiver,

I wanted to try it and got the bug doing a tandem jump in Australia in 2012. And I wanted to keep jumping, so started training in October 2014 and finally (after many weekends of poor weather) got the A licence in June 2015.

Most of my posts will be about the sport.

I’ve previously posted my experiences as I went travelling around Australia in the early part of 2012.

Posts prior to 2012 are about radio. I graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2008 & spent the majority of my university life volunteering with Burn FM, the university radio station.

Along with filling several positions at my uni radio station, I was an active member of the Student Radio Association (SRA) between 2003-2010, having held the positions of Midlands, Development and Charities Officer over the three year period of June 2007- April 2010.

My time as the SRA Midlands Officer during 2007/8 was predominantly spend providing support for eleven student radio stations in the Midlands.

My time as the Development Officer, an executive position with directorship of the Student Radio Association Ltd was undoubtedly the highlight of my radio career to date.  I used the year I held the position to directly assist SRA member radio stations across many areas, though predominantly with the nuances of licensing a radio station whilst making some significant changes to the operations of the SRA itself.

Expect new posts here will be about my skydiving experiences and my travels around the globe.

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I write about my travels and Skydiving