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Yes, it’s been a while….

Having said I’d blog more, I’ve done the exact opposite and nearly eleven months later, I’m back from the blogging wilderness.

So, I’m flipping this blog in the hope I’ll type more – I’ll predominantly be blogging on radio in the UK and have changed the title of this blog to reflect that. I’ll start by publishing a post about in-car DAB radio later…

Two years on…

…from when I started this blog.

Since then, I’ve finished my degree and am still happily involved in the world of student radio… resulting in the creation of my sister WordPress blog for my work for the Student Radio Association.

So what’s there to say? Perhaps the details of my biggest ever shopping spree (£218 in 20 minutes at Cabot Circus? My new car?

Perhaps not: they’re not the most relevant subjects to blog about… but I have no intention of stopping anytime soon so there’ll be more in the near future.

A morning at the auction…

…and possibly the best way to bag a cheap car.

I went to a car auction centre in Newport last Thursday .  While the cafe was impressive (think nice greasy spoon) it was fun having a look at the cars on offer… and if you’re not fussy about what you want, there’s bargains to be had.

Among other cars I could have bought a 5 year old Audi A3 for £2,400… nothing short of a steal at that price.  Or a 9 year old Ford Mondeo for £125… really cheap compared to buying from eBay, dealers or jut about everywhere else.

Interestingly it was mainly people in the motor trade buying, with a small handful of people shopping for a single car… though it takes some keeping up with the auctioneers: fast is a huge understatement, it took about 20 minutes to understand what they were saying (and for me to notice the screens with the current bid).

I didn’t buy anything but probably go again when it’s time to replace my car… sooner rather than later by the looks of it…

I'm unhappy right now…

So it’s only taken seven weeks but I’ve finally got my computer back and in business…

 …well sort of.  It turns out that the hard disk was formatted by the company that supplied it, even though it was working properly.  At least I’ve got all of the 60GB of data I had in saved in the my documents folder.  But the other 15GB is gone, apparently because I’m “not supposed to save data to other parts of the hard disk.”

Which is ridiculous.  It’s taken long enough (and a threat of legal action) to get my computer back (when technically after 4 weeks they were breaking the law).  I’m now in the position whereby I’ve lost some very important files for good.

In case that isn’t good enough the computer was given to me indirectly by Birmingham University (as I have dyspraxia – a variation of dyslexia).

One typed out rant later led to a 1,180 word email which has now been sent – I’d like to think that Birmingham University would be interested to know the full details about the problems I’ve had!

On a more positive note Hearing Aid went well… I’ll do a proper post about it soon (with pictures).


As many of you may know it was my birthday yesterday, so I’m now officially old by undergraduate student standards now I’m 22.

As is normal for my birthdays it was fairly quite, though a trip to the pub was always going to happen. A little annoyed that the pub in question was experiencing “technical difficulties” so very little was available on tap – not that it mattered to me as a bottle of Magners is my drink of choice and there was plenty of it.

The thing that surprised me was the number of posts on my Facebok wall.  Considering that I had a total of sixteen posts since I signed up in July I had no fewer than nine people wish me happy birthday.  I’m obviously more popular than I thought.

So thanks to those people who did – I really appreciated it!