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Rotto, Rockingham to Bunbury and Dunsborough

It’s been a busy few days!

Saturday was spent on Rottnest Island, so-called thanks to the native Quokkas that were seen as giant rats… they’re actually closer to mini-kangeroos!

2 Quokkas



I hired a bike and rode around the island. The advice I had from the tour guide I booked with proved invaluable – plenty of empty beaches to explore! It took it’s toll though, thanks to 12km on the bike in 4 hours. The boat ride was worth the effort though!

Since then I’ve been catching up with parts of my extended family on dad’s side, starting with Joan in Rockingham and heading down to see my grandmother’s sister in Bunbury before heading to Michelle’s in Dunsborough in the far south west. I’ve also hired a car – a tiny Suzuki Swift that I’ll be using to get to Albany over the next few days before heading back to Perth on Tuesday.

I’ve also managed a quick visit to Fremantle Prison – by far the oldest place in Westwen Australia, dating back to 1852(ish). It’s the home of the original WA convicts and is a fascinating place, having operated as an active prison til 1991. How they managed without toilets is beyond me! (buckets all the way til the end). I’ll be spending next Thursday in Freo so will have plenty of time to explore the Prison and other museums there further…

I’m heading south through Margaret River over the next few days, to Albany over the weekend and back to Perth for Wednesday. The car will get me there! More soon…


Day 1 in Perth

I’m down… under! Strange times following the flight too…

Since I flew with Emirates the change was at Dubai – and I was sat between Malaysian and Indonesian women. I must admit that trying to choose a suitable film for them to watch wasn’t easy… but watching Toy Story 3 & the final Harry Potter film whilst flying over Baghdad and Basra seemed appropriate.

From the 2 hours I spent at Dubai airport, it’s obviously an impressive place. Even from a distance the Burj Khalifa is staggeringly big.

Perth was far more interesting, thanks to the South American next to me having a big problem with the turbulance, going so far as to ask me “Are we going to crash?” Suffice to say I’ve had better flights.

Naturally immigration took ages, with far more staff dealing with the Aussie & Kiwi nationals than everyone else combined – luckily I found someone heading to the same hostel and I’m typing this from there.

The weather’s been a mixed bag. It was obvious a storm was on it’s way leaving the airport but didn’t prepare me for 10am – good thing I stayed in bed for an extra hour! Today has been sunny since and very hot – about 37 for most of the day.

It’s been a quiet day, simply getting my bearings around Perth and finding the extra bits I didn’t bring with me. Tomorrow I’m off to Rottness island – it’s a 2 hour boat ride (so not somewhere mother would go) but the scenery is supposed to be fantastic. I’ll find out soon enough…