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Final few days in WA…

I’ve just got back to Alice Springs from a tour of Uluru, Kata Tjuta and King’s Canyon. I’ll post about them later but first…

the final few days in WA were pretty good. I spent Wednesday in Waneroo in north Perth with the last member of my extended family in WA and saw plenty of the coast in Northern Perth around Joondalup. I also reconnected a VCR to an old TV…

I stayed until Thursday afternoon, which was spent getting across town to Cottseloe to my new hostel. Unfortunately the weather made a turn for the worse, clouding over with some rain for good measure. Cottesloe is a pleasant enough part of Perth (and the hostel was certainly cheap) but the 1km walk from the hostel to the train station with 3 bags wasn’t a fun experience (thanks to having the car I aquired plenty of extra bits). I managed to squeeze in a return to Fremantle Prison to do the “Great Escapes” tour I book the week before… which was different tahnks to being the only person on the tour! Thankfully it still ran and I got plenty of insights about Moondyne Joe, a Welshman who managed to escape on many ocassions (possibly as many as 30).

I went back to Freo on Friday to see the Maritime Museum, along with the Shipwreck Galleries and the Roundhouse (oldest building in Freo) before going back into Perth to see the Bell Tower. The Maritime Museum was probably the highlight of the day, though the mad dash to the post office to post the extra bits I no longer need before closing was definitely a close 2nd.

Saturday was flight number 3, Perth to Alice Springs. Unlike booking online with Emirates, I had to checkin for the Qantas flight at the airport – not the easiest experience but smooth enough. The flight itself was a weird experience thanks to¬† flying for nearly 3 hours over nothing but empty land… except for Uluru, which I got some pictures of thanks to someone offering the view (helpfully I had a huge choice of seats when checking in… the allocated seat being on the right side of the plane. Since I like to gamble on the small things, I chose a window seat on the left side of the plane. Guess which side Uluru was on…)

Alice Springs was hot – 42 degrees on arrival. I’d have been much happier with the snow in the UK! Thankfully it cooled pretty quickly and the night was pretty good thanks to the Monopoly card game.

I’ll cover Uluru and the tour itself in more detail when I’ve done the next one that leaves tomorrow and takes me to Adelaide but whilst it’s been pretty hot, but Alice Springs standards it’s been very cold – Monday at Uluru was the coldest day of the year so far – a mere 28 degrees. It certainly made the walks far less intense than they usually are!

I’ve also managed to get what is probably the best picture I’ve taken – the Southern Cross over Uluru. I’ll post that in a few days when I get to Adelaide since the wifi here, whilst free, is useless at uploading anything.

I’m also getting to Adelaide sooner than intended – there’s going to be 3 people (including myself) on the tour so the tour company are reducing the length and cutting a day off (and knocking $70 off the price). I’ll fill you in when I’m in South Australia – and have DST to worry about too!